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Governor Larry Hogan Announces Cancer Diagnosis

Good afternoon. Thank you for being here.

Joining me today is our First Lady, Yumi Hogan, and my daughters, Kim and Jaymi, and my sons-in-law Ben and Louis.

And of course my granddaughter Daniella.

Also with me is our lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, and my chief of staff Craig Williams.

I called this press conference today to talk about a new challenge that i will face, a personal one – one that requires me, once again, to be an underdog and a fighter.

A few days ago, I was diagnosed with cancer, aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkins lymphoma, to be specific – which is a cancer of the lymph nodes.

The truth is, I have learned over the past few days that this cancer is very advanced and aggressive.

In fact, when I embarked on my trade mission to Asia just a few weeks ago, I had no idea of my condition.

Much has happened in a very short period of time that has led me to seek medical attention and has brought me here to talk with you today.

I will face this challenge with the same energy and determination I’ve relied on to climb every hill and overcome every obstacle that I’ve faced in my life.

I am blessed with the incredible expertise and dedication of many health care providers serving as my care team.

These health care experts are helping me on my journey from diagnosis to treatment and then to recovery.

The good news is that i have learned that an aggressive chemotherapy treatment regimen has a strong chance of success.

The best news is that my odds of getting through this are much better than my odds were of beating Anthony brown to become the 62nd governor of Maryland…

It’s better than the odds of finally doing away with the rain tax.

Better than the odds of delivering tax relief for the families of Maryland.

Better than the odds of passing a budget that doesn’t include tax hikes and reigns in state spending.

Better than the odds of negotiating enhanced PMT regulations with both the farmers and the environmentalists to help save our bay.

Better than the odds of passing legislation to improve charter schools.

Better than the odds of reducing tolls for the first time in 50 years.

And it’s definitely better than the odds of the Baltimore Sun naming me Marylander of the year…

This latest challenge will require my attention and focus while balancing the demands of being the best public servant that i can be.

Fortunately, I am blessed with an incredible family – a loving spouse, along with three wonderful daughters, a strong extended family, and many devoted friends.

I am also truly fortunate to have a wise and steady partner in government – Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford, a great chief of staff in Craig Williams, along with a strong and dedicated cabinet and staff.

Cancer – regardless of the type – is a disease that has touched every one of us through family or friends. It is my hope that in being candid about my battle, that i will raise awareness that will ultimately benefit others.

This weekend, like the rest of Maryland, my family celebrated father’s day.

For me, though i had very tough news to share with them, it was a special and heartfelt time to be with my family – the first lady, our daughters, and my dad Larry Hogan, Sr., my role model.

In the midst of this struggle, I was reminded once again of how blessed and lucky I truly am.

As I climb this hill, I remain comforted by my abiding faith that the lord continues to bless me and will be by my side with every step – granting me strength to defeat this disease and the wisdom and the judgment to be the public steward that I was called to be.

Over the coming months, I’ll receive multiple treatments, I’ll lose my hair, trim down a bit, but I will not stop working to change Maryland for the better.

I’ll be working hard, and making the decisions the people of this state elected me to make.

The fact is, I’m just like the more than 70,000 people diagnosed with lymphoma every year, who fight it, who beat it, and continue doing their jobs at the same time.

With my faith, family, and friends, I know that I won’t just beat this disease but I will be a better and stronger person and governor on the other side.

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