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Fee Rollbacks

Delivering on one of his major campaign pledges, Governor Hogan has made it a mission to reduce burdensome fees across state government. In 2015, Governor Hogan announced his statewide Fee Rollback Plan that reduced or completely eliminated 100 fees across state government, saving approximately $51 million, without disrupting operations of any state agency or department. In 2016, Governor Hogan reduced or eliminated another 155 fees, saving Maryland taxpayers and job creators an additional $60 million.

These fee rollbacks, along with the toll rollbacks the governor implemented in July 2015 and the tax relief he championed during the 2015 legislative session, will put hundreds of millions of dollars directly back into the pockets of hardworking Marylanders.

By allowing Marylanders to keep more of their hard-earned money, workers and families will have the chance to put those dollars back into our state’s economy. The fees reduced or eliminated in Governor Hogan’s plan affect nearly every aspect of our citizens lives, from driving a car to running a business. These rollbacks will benefit people in every corner of the state, including farmers, small business owners, single parents, struggling families, and the homeless.

For a full list of fee rollbacks and eliminations, click here.