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The Office of Lt. Governor Boyd K. Rutherford

Regulatory Reform Commission


Announcing the Regulatory Reform Commission

Our administration has heard from business leaders over and over again about the obstacles they face conducting business in Maryland.  We have heard a consistent message from business owners who are frustrated with regulations and compliance measures in their dealings with government agencies.

While everyone agrees that certain compliance and enforcement procedures are necessary to protect the public, dealing with government agencies can sometimes be cumbersome and confusing, resulting in time-consuming bureaucratic delays.  This is particularly damaging to businesses that do not have the financial resources to resolve the problems they encounter and poses as a burden on those who wish to comply but lack the necessary resources.

Our administration is committed to giving Maryland business owners a voice and a seat at the table when it comes to devising and enacting common sense policies that empower businesses to thrive and rolling back unnecessary impediments to conducting business in the state.  As such, the Regulatory Reform Commission will hold meetings across the state to engage business owners, stakeholders and the public to learn from your experiences and identify areas for improvement.

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