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Ethics and Accountability in Government

“I strongly believe that we must do whatever it takes to restore honesty and integrity to our state capital, to ensure that the best interests of Maryland’s citizens are being represented fairly and honestly, and that the voices of the people we represent are finally being heard,” – Governor Larry Hogan


For the entire 5 years that he has held office, Governor Hogan has been fighting to clean up the mess in Annapolis and to bring more transparency and accountability to state government. That standard should apply to each branch of government— not just the executive branch.

Tougher Penalties for Bribery. The legislation will expand the penalties for bribery of a public official by 1,000 percent, ranging from a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000. These penalties will apply both to those who bribe or attempt to bribe a public official and to those who demand or receive a reward to influence the performance of their duties. 

Pension Forfeiture for Convicted Lawmakers. The legislation will codify in statute that members of the General Assembly and state employees who are found guilty, plead guilty, or enter a plea of nolo contendere for a qualifying crime committed in the course of their duties are subject to total forfeiture of their pension benefits. This expands a provision the General Assembly passed in 2016 for the state’s constitutional officers. 

Expanded Prohibitions on Misuse of Confidential Information. The legislation will expand prohibitions on misuse of confidential information by current state officials and employees to include the misuse of confidential information acquired during state service by former officials and employees.

Stronger Authority for Ethics Commission to Impose Penalties. The legislation will give the Ethics Commission the authority to directly assess civil penalties against state employees and public officials—authority it currently has with regard to lobbying. At present, with respect to state employees and public officials, the commission must request a court to assess fines of at least $5,000.

Learn about the status of our legislation on the Maryland General Assembly website. 

(HB 360/SB 283) Ethics and Accountability in Government Act


  • Pushed for and enacted the first comprehensive ethics reforms in 15 years
  • Repeatedly introduced Judicial Transparency Act, calling for tracking and publishing judges’ sentencing decisions for people convicted of violent crimes
  • Introduced range of measures designed to enhance accountability in Maryland’s legislature, including through proposed terms limits and livestreams of sessions of the Maryland General Assembly
  • Signed landmark legislation to increase transparency and oversight of the Board of Regents at the University System of Maryland
  • Pushed for the creation of the Office of the Inspector General for Education to hold school systems accountable for their use of taxpayer funds
  • Created the Office of Education Accountability via Executive Order



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